Thursday, October 18, 2012

Keep Calm & Spa On- Tonight at The Common Man Inn & Spa!

After working in a local spa for several years I began  to understand that many spa treatments are not only luxury but a necessity.  Living in such a fast paced and demanding culture many people are feeling the negative effects of stress on a daily basis. Stress is known to cause headaches, upset stomach, elevated blood pressure, chest pain, and problems sleeping. 

Taking a trip to the spa can help:

  • increase the body’s energy flow
  • improve flexibility
  • reduce high blood pressure and hypertension
  • heal emotional distress
  • reduce the effects of ageing
  • soothing tired muscles
  • tone and nourish the skin
  • detoxifying 
  • stimulate circulation
  • reducing weight and weight-related problems
  • reducing insomnia, stress and fatigue

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    Wednesday, October 10, 2012

    Dont like water? Eat!

    People often say that they have difficulty drinking their recommended daily 8 (8 oz) glasses of water.  Most simply don't enjoy drinking plain old H2O.  But did you know that there are many foods which contain an abundance of water? Here are some of my top picks, each contain over 90% water:

    1. Cucumbers 2. Broccoli 3. Lettuce 4. Spinach 5.Watermelon (who knew?)
    Save the your water!

    Lose Weight in the Kitchen

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    It is important to understand the food, body, mind connection when discussing healthy living.  Many times we assume that if we exercise regularly, we will lose weight. Not true! Most of us need to modify our diet at least moderately to truly see results. Here are 3 of my favorite quick and easy tips to get started:
    1. Drink plenty of water: Need one good reason? It boosts your metabolism!
    2. Avoid refined foods: Trade in your Cheez-Its for some baby carrots.  C'mon, they're both orange...and crunchy!
    3. Stop overeating: Portion control can be tedious, I know, but with a little creativity you can do it. Example: 1 cup (frequent measurement for serving size) is usually about the size of your fist!

    Getting Rid of the Box

    "Instead of thinking outside the box; get rid of the box" -Deepak Chopra

    I have created this blog to offer tips and insight to living a healthy, active lifestyle.  I will be posting testimony as well as some of my favorite workouts, nutritional info, recipes and more! Don't be surprised to find reviews on different products, wellness centers and services! Take from this what you like, I hope you enjoy!